About Us

How We Started


A couple years back we have visited one very special place- Iceland.

Mesmerized by it's power and beauty we came back with amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

When it came to finalizing the brand, Iceland was the first thought,naturally. FEIMINN (Icelandic- 'shy' ) was a choice that not only sounded feminine, but held a certain meaning to us, about our woman.

The woman we see - is Iceland's nature- rural and shy at the first glance, but take the time to know her and you'll see- she is wild, she is free, she makes her own choices and rules and at times...she is not to be reckoned with- quiet horizon might hide a Dettifoss nearby. After the guidence from London College of Fashion tutors, we grew little by little in understanding what exactly it is that we want to create. Every outfit begins and ends with intimates, and that's a good enough point to start. ...to be continued, with love and inspiration, by beautiful things. #FEIMINN #FEIMINNIST
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